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Request the price you want to pay with Nyconn’s new "Limoline"

“Limoline” is the most innovative and cost efficient way to book your next limo trip. It is the same first class, door to door service that Nyconn Limousine always provides, however, you can benefit by getting a better rate on your travel dates by requesting the price you want to pay.

It’s very simple to use. Here’s how it works:

* Fill out the entire "Limoline" form below.

* Request the total price (including gratuities, tolls, etc) you want to pay to go to any NYC metro airport ( one-way or round trip). Fill in all appropriate information including credit card information and the total price you want to pay…...request your price!

* Upon receipt of your request, we will reply with an "available" or "not available" email.

* If it is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email. If your request is not available, you may try again at another price or we will send you the available price for that date.

*Please note that “Limoline” is only available for trips 7 days in advance or sooner. Last minute trips can work out in your favor if our schedule is open.

*The rate that is confirmed "available" is GUARANTEED and is all inclusive (gratuities, tolls, fuel surcharge, etc).

*Limoline "available" rates are based on schedule availability for that particular day.

*Confirmed reservations can not be canceled, full charge applies.

* No other promotions can be used with "Limoline".

Try “Limoline” today!

“First class service with a nice price!”

"Limoline" request form

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